January 26, 2017

The EPA isn’t necessary until you need the EPA.

Dear Mr. VP,

Yikes! Did you read that Rolling Stone article? Talk about a laundry list of poor decisions and policies that have ruined people’s lives.

I’m not even going to focus on the thing everyone else seems fixated on – you call your wife “Mother”. Whatever. It’s probably better that whatever D.T. calls Melania – she looks pretty damn miserable, huh?

Instead, I’m interested, if not surprised by, your lack of response to the lead crisis in East Chicago. A public housing complex there was declared contaminated – lead levels were “off the charts.” Sick kids — ADD, asthma — and sick adults — cancer, respiratory problems.

You never showed up for those kids, but you sure as heck showed up for the white kids down the street in Greentown when they had their own lead scare. Did one make a better photo op for you?

Also interesting – while you didn’t actually show up to give support to East Chicago families, your deputy Chief of Staff said (quoted in Rolling Stone): “We were working quietly and effectively behind the scenes with the EPA.”

The EPA, an organization which has now been effectively silenced on official channels, and kept from sharing research prior to “vetting” by political staffers. So – the EPA isn’t necessary but…you were working effectively with it behind the scenes to solve this disaster? I’m so confused.

I hope, by the way, that you’re following those unofficial Twitter accounts. They might teach you something about science. @ActualEPAfacts @AltNatParkServ @RogueNASA

#resist – like the banner says


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