America is being gaslit: January 30, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I mean, where to even start today? There’s the ban, there’s the potential Supreme Court nominee, there’s Stephen Bannon being on the National Security Council, there’s the question of whether the folks in the State Department left or were purged. There’s the fact that as everyone marched over the weekend, Donald was watching Finding Dory. I bet you don’t like that movie because, Ellen. Or are you the kind of person who is totally happy to strip LGBT folks of rights but then enjoy their artistic contributions to Hollywood? …probably.

But amidst all this, I keep coming back to gaslighting, something I’ve experienced both personally and now, politically.

Gaslighting wasn’t something that came to my attention until this political cycle. But boy, when I read that article linked up there? Did that ring a bell or what, and especially in the last week or two of my life. You can see the boxes I’ve checked off here for myself.

I thought about gaslighting again today when I read this tweet from Kellyanne Conway who implies I should be upset with Dems for proposing to filibuster Donald’s Supreme Court nominee.

And I felt a little…crazy? Like…isn’t this what the Republicans just spent the year since Antonin Scalia’s death doing? Preventing someone from joining the Supreme Court? But now Ms. Kellyanne of the Cats is attacking Democrats for proposing to do the same thing. I started doubting my own reality; was I sure this was what Republicans had been doing? Ultimately I came back to my senses and checked box for “make you feel crazy.”

Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, all their associates attack the Islamic religion pretty consistently. Do I even need a Chicago style reference for that? High fives for Kate Turabian and my dad who made me learn how to footnote and check the box for “attack what’s near and dear to you” i.e. in this case, religion.

BUT OBAMA DID THESE THINGS TOO. Yeah, not quite. Check box: projecting.

Watch any Sean Spicer press conference. Carefully place a check next to “blatant lying” while you vomit up your lunch.

And that leaves “Actions don’t match words.”* Unfortunately, so far DT is totally living up to his campaign promises in a way I don’t think any of us thought was imaginable, actually. I sort of wish actions weren’t matching words. Then I might be able to sleep at night. As it is, I should basically just buy a coffee plantation because that’s how much I’m going to need to get through your boss’s presidency.

Are you sleeping at night? Or is it dawning on you that you’ve made a gigantic mistake? If you have any conscience at all, it must be.



*WAIT HOLD UP. I just saw Trump’s official statement on the ban. He said this: “I have tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria.” So…there’s an example. CHECK THE BOX.

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