Who Would Jesus Deport?: February 11, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

As a Catholic, you are supposed to think this man, Pope Francis, is the spokesperson for God. He actually has a line to God, or something like that. It follows that what he says is God’s word, and therefore I’d think it would be important for devout Catholics to listen and follow said word.

Given that, I’m about to level an accusation that you are a cafeteria Catholic. You’re in good company: virtually no one in the world follows every Catholic doctrine, including the 86% of U.S. Catholics who think it is morally acceptable to use birth control, and the 72% who believe it is morally acceptable to have sex outside of marriage.

In your case, let’s talk about immigration. Here’s what the Pope has to say:

“Often, however, such migration gives
rise to suspicion and hostility, even in
ecclesial communities, prior to any
knowledge of the migrants’ lives or their
stories of persecution and destitution.
In such cases, suspicion and prejudice
conflict with the biblical commandment of
welcoming with respect and solidarity the
stranger in need.
“It is necessary to respond to the
globalization of migration with the
globalization of charity and cooperation,
in such a way as to make the conditions
for migrants more humane.”
I don’t read either of those and think the Pope wants me to send ICE on deportation raids across the country. Do you?
I think you need to have a long talk with God today. I don’t speak with him much myself, but my guess is he’s not psyched that you’re splitting up families across borders.

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