Ash-heap of history: February 18, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Woke up this morning and read this tweet from you.

“As @POTUS has made clear, the US will fight tirelessly to crush these enemies & consign them to the ash-heap of history, where they belong.”

First — who? As the VP, I think you should be a little more specific in your threats to vaporize people. In a previous tweet you mention Iran, but it isn’t clear if you’re talking about that here. And if you are, I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea that you are threatening to turn an entire country into ash.

Second — could you come up with a phrase other than ash-heap of history? That seems to be your go to, and if you aren’t careful it will become your catch phrase. Someday you’ll be in a commercial for Viagra with Bob Dole and threatening to consign erectile dysfunction to the ash-heap of history. 



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