I guess we both had good days: February 23, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Yesterday I had a particularly good day. I’m off of work this week. It was beautiful outside. I spent a pleasant morning discussing the merits of book Magicians versus television Magicians with someone with very nice hair. I took a beautiful drive from his house to Northampton with Run the Jewels blaring and the windows down. I parked on top of the garage in the fresh air. I found this pamphlet in the bathroom and now I’ll have material to impress all future dates. I got myself lunch at my favorite restaurant and had a piece of metal shoved through my nose, signifying that I am Hip and Cool and Roll With The Punches. After I picked G up from school we went to the park, and we had an easy and snuggly bedtime. I slept well. 

You had a good day too, didn’t you! For very different reasons, I’m assuming, since you weren’t showing off your new nose hoop on national television today. You had a good day because finally, your radical anti-trans agenda is taking the stage. Yesterday, Trump signed an executive order rescinding Obama-era protections that protected trans students trying to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. This is all you. Frankly, I don’t think 45 gives an eff who uses what bathroom. It’s much too plebeian an issue for him, I’m sure, since he can just use his gold plated single-person bathroom in his Tower. You, however, have shown your homo- and transphobia over and over again, so many times that I don’t even feel like I need evidence to back myself up because it’s just so obvious. You were rooting this on from the beginning.

Do you know what it’s like to be bullied? Probably not. And you, like me, have had the privilege of never having to worry that someone is going to question my right to use the bathroom. I’m cis, and I’m femme, and when I walk into the bathroom with the lady in a dress on the sign, no one blinks an eye. I pee, I wash my hands, I leave.

That there are students across the country who can’t pee in peace just because of their gender identity boggles my damn mind. This is 2017. If you, as a straight white cis male, are made uncomfortable by someone’s presence in a bathroom, then I’m going to tell you that you are the one being a delicate snowflake. No one is attacking you in a damn bathroom. 

And no one is attacking ME in a bathroom either. That’s the narrative, right? Pervy men — trans or otherwise — somehow use this as a loophole to take advantage of women. Well, first, let me tell you that if you’re actually concerned about my safety as a woman, perhaps consider upholding the new regulations about campus rape put into place by Obama. Or addressing rape culture at all in any way. Because never in my entire life of 32 years have I felt intimidated by a trans person in a bathroom, but let me tell you where and by whom I have felt intimidated: by cis men nearly everywhere else my body has existed in space. My college campus. My first job. My second and third jobs. On any street in any of the places I’ve ever lived. In my own home.

Given you are NOT addressing these issues, I’m left to believe you’re actually just a transphobe feeling fragile in his own masculinity. You are telling kids — KIDS — that they can’t pee where they’re comfortable. Do you realize that telling someone they can’t pee is basically telling them they can’t go out in public? “Stay in the closet at home, because I’m not comfortable enough with myself to deal with your differences.” With a side of “Your identity disgusts me.”

You are telling people that their bodies are not welcome in public spaces. In a national study, 40% of trans adults noted they’d attempted suicide. 92% of them had tried when they were under the age of 25. If you are truly pro-life, why are you not doing everything and anything to make these young people feel comfortable in their schools? Can you imagine what a weight off that would be?

But, no, that’s not what you’re doing. Again, I find you lacking in your commitment to life. 


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