That’s not the Israeli flag: February 25, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I was really, really struggling with finding something to write about today. I don’t feel like I’m firing on all cylinders. The weather is weird, I took a three hour drive in the fog, and then I napped basically all afternoon even though I WANTED to be reading The Magician King. Sheesh.

And then this little gem fell into my lap.

Yes, in a tweet supporting Israel, you used the Nicaraguan flag rather than the Israeli one. 

In some circumstances I’d say well, just a mistake. But it happened more than once, and you are the second in command in the free world, and you’ve been bending over backwards in the past few weeks to try and prove that this administration is not anti-Semitic or enabling anti-Semitic behavior despite the alarming number of high profile incidents in recent months including bomb threats at JCC’s that house programs for children. 

Now, believe me. I’m not saying one needs to support Israel in order to be an ally to the Jewish people. But if you’re going to claim that mantle, at least have a working knowledge of the only Jewish state in the world. That might help you to seem more sincere.


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