A Tale of Two Pastors: March 2, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Today is a tale of two pastors.

There’s a guy on Twitter — Pastor Greg Locke — who is ripshit that people are donating to Planned Parenthood in his name. Reaaaalllllly mad. So definitely don’t do it HERE. He’s a Trump fan who calls Planned Parenthood murderous. He actually thanks God for Trump.

Do y’all Trump fans who are Christians just actually take the New Testament out of your Bible and burn it? It boggles my mind that anyone who claims Jesus as a savior is saying, “Sure! Kick those kids off of that health insurance and yeah, immigrants suck!” 

So yes, sometimes I feel disillusioned with Christianity as a whole. I’m not going to join Dawkins et. al. on the train to religion bashing, but I’m not rah-rah-ing either. 

Which brings me to today, sitting in an uncomfortable funeral home chair with my grandmother’s body ten feet away. 

Years ago, when I was dating a woman, we decided it was time to tell my grandmother. We were engaged, and obviously wanted to invite her to our wedding, so the elephant in the room needed to be exposed. No, this was not just my very good friend. And in a hot and uncomfortable living room, I finally came out to my Grams. She said “Oh, I knew. Are you happy? I’m happy if you’re happy. I love you both.”

I was thinking about that moment while I sat at her funeral today. Gram was an incredibly loving and kind person, someone who held someone in her heart and let them know she did, not just with words but also with actions. A conservative hellfire Christianity doesn’t fit here. And so when her pastor got up and started talking about how we all must love each other — must know that we are beloved — and should help those who are most vulnerable, and welcome those who are strangers in our land, that made sense. That’s the sort of Christianity I can get behind, and one that can jive in my mind with the person I knew my Grams to be. It was almost a relief to hear.

I’m sure you’ll be sorry to know that I’m still not going to be running off to church anytime soon. That ship has sailed. But I appreciated the reminder that your Savior’s followers are not all like you.


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