In every generation…: March 10, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Today is the twentieth anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

It is hard to overestimate the impact Buffy has had on my life. I think you should watch it, too. I’m sure you don’t think you hate women, but….I’m not sure I’m convinced of that. Anyway, I don’t think you can make it through all of Buffy without picking up at least a little — just a smidgen, at least — appreciation for strong women. 

In Buffy, we find that in every generation there is a slayer. Slayers save the world. From vampires in particular, but just generally from a lot of things — demons, school principals gone bad, essentially anything apocalyptic. The awesome thing is that slayers are all girls. Young girls, too. And there’s a lesbian witch, too, so…it would be good exposure for you. 

On Buffy, girls are just powerful because they are. They constantly save the world…or in one case, are so powerful they almost end the world. There’s no second-guessing it.

Also, it’s good to be smart in the Buffy-verse. They do research to find out how to beat the Big Bads. The adult in the pack is a librarian, and their hang out is the high school library. Which is also the hellmouth, we find out eventually. 

Also, Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy, hates your guts, most likely. 

So, check it out. You might surprise yourself and like it. And I just like the idea of you sitting through the scenes where Willow and Tara kiss. 


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