Daylight Savings: March 12, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I’m hoping, now that we’ve established this rapport, that you can do me a favor.

Please, please: make daylight savings go away. 

Maybe it used to serve a purpose, but now it is totally antiquated. There’s no reason to move our clocks, and every parent in the entire world would sigh in relief and thank you. Even I would thank you, and I think it’s been established that I’m not your biggest fan.
I’m exhausted. This is partly my fault, because I stayed up way too late last night, but there was no need for me to lose an extra hour of sleep. 

When G was a baby — and let me be clear that I was not blessed with a child you would call a “good sleeper” or even an “ok sleeper” but instead a kid who seems to believe that sleep is his mortal enemy — we’d just get into an ok sleep pattern and then BAM. Clock change! All hell broken loose. 3:30 AM starts to the day for weeks. Months.

So please. Do something right? Send DST to the ash heap of history.


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