Corned beef & cabbage: March 17, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

I hope you wore a green tie today so no one could pinch you. I made the mistake of telling G this morning that you can pinch people not wearing green on St. Pat’s Day and then sent him into his preschool classroom of 25 kids. Maybe my stupidest parenting move…ever. Sorry, teachers. 
Did you read the profile the New York Times wrote about your grandpa yesterday? You declined to be interviewed, perhaps because it’s the NYT, but perhaps because you understood the incredible hypocrisy in discussing your grandfather’s immigration at a time that your boss is shouting “America First!” and building a wall across our border. 

Apparently your grandfather immigrated in the mid-1920s. Why? First he left for England because he didn’t want to fight his countrymen in a civil war. Then he left England because of a lack of job prospects. Escaping civil war? Sounds familiar.

And while spokesperson said your grandfather’s immigration was different because Ireland was not “compromised by terrorism”, that’s simply not true. The IRA was born out of this struggle, and they frequently ambushed British troops. In 1920, the British-backed police force, the RIC, opened fire at a soccer match and killed 14. This was a reprisal for the assassination of British intelligence operatives in Dublin earlier that day. Ireland was far from peaceful. 

So while you enjoy your shamrocks and your corned beef and cabbage today, I hope you’re thinking long and hard about your grandfather’s immigration. You’re here and second-in-command because he was able to come to this country, register at Ellis Island, and make a life for himself across an ocean. How hypocritical that you’re keeping others from doing the same.



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