This one isn’t from me: March 28, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

After a tiring day, I’m happy to let some other folks speak for me.

Did you read this letter from the fellow alums of your alma mater, Hanover College?

Here’s a gem: 

“We hope you remember the lessons learned at Hanover College, including the value of other religious and cultural traditions; the importance of scientific research; and the necessity of an unfettered press, free and open elections, and our nation’s public education system. We are proud that Hanover has shown true leadership as it continues to provide an excellent education while becoming ever more welcoming and inclusive, in accordance with its Christian foundation. We are saddened that so little of the rich undergraduate education that we received at Hanover College is evident in your political career to date, and we hope that you will find the needed courage and commitment to become a leader who governs from a position of informed and rational judgment and true Christian compassion.”


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