Christian hegemony: April 12, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Well, I read about this yesterday. I bet you’re thrilled. Maybe you had a celebratory scotch…if Karen was around. 

The Alabama Senate, a body of folks who have not yet decided to change the state motto from “We dare defend our rights (to own human beings)”, voted 24-4 to allow a megachurch to have its own police force.
How fast do you think the Satanic Temple is going to be on top of this? If they gave a megachurch a police force, seems to me like now any religious group who asks can get one. I, for one, can’t wait to be arrested by Lucien Greaves himself.

For real, though. How are y’all going to shout about theocracy and Sharia law and then actually create a theocracy?

Alabama. You’ve got…just all your wheels in a ditch right now. None are even on the track. 

The good news is today I found out the original Tamagotchi has been re-released. Not all hope is lost. 


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