Tax Day: April 18, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I did my federal taxes in January, but because I’m a crappy adult and hate the post office, I just mailed my state taxes today.  I was in a very long line of people doing the same thing.

As I stood there, I contemplated the fact that I have most likely paid more taxes than a number of corporations this year. If you have the time on your flight home from Asia, where you did some excellent saber rattling, you should check out this report.

Summary: profitable corporations are supposed to pay at a 35% rate on their U.S. profits. IRL, most don’t. Of 258 corporations in the study, 18 paid no income tax over the eight years studied.


Don’t misunderstand me. I love paying taxes. I love all the things that taxes get me. Just today I drove on a road, hiked in two state parks, listened to public radio, and ate cheese from some cows that probably benefitted from some sort of dairy subsidy.

As a single mom with a…moderate (sorta) income, I just don’t think I should be paying more in taxes than General Electric. GE doesn’t have to feed its kids. 

Also, unrelated: did you know there’s a cauliflower shortage? This feels like a precursor to the apocalypse.


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