Dreams deferred: April 19, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Another day, another Trump/Pence promise broken. 

Trump: DREAMers shouldn’t be worried because, “I do have a big heart.”

Here’s Juan Manuel Montes. He’s a DREAMer with DACA status. He was just deported.

Yup, he has a conviction. For…shoplifting. If shoplifting is a crime worthy of deportation, then you’d better get ready to deport half of America, because we were all dopey teenagers and/or college students at some point. 

Here’s the deal: this kid has lived here since he was nine. His whole life is here. Now he’s living with an aunt in Mexico who he probably hardly remembers. This is a kid with a traumatic brain injury who was taking welding classes. He was learning a trade and going to make a life here. Doesn’t sound too much like a bad hombre to me. 

You know who does sound like a bad person? This guy.

Wahoo! A kid’s life was just ruined! Let’s celebrate with a beer!

When I started writing to you three months ago I was worried I’d run out of things to write about. Now I’m afraid there’s actually too much.


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