Rutland: May 13, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Because I like to model my life on yours, I am also traveling to a mountainous region this weekend. These mountains are smaller, but perhaps more charming.

It was a pleasant morning in Rutland. We went downtown and my mom took G to the children’s museum so I could wander the farmers’ market on my own. The weather was pleasant, if chilly for mid-May. I had a conversation with a lady about my Elizabeth Warren pin, bought some duck eggs, and avoided the chicken egg guy with the MAGA hat. Then I got a coffee and an empanada and set up shop on a stoop to eat. Eventually I ended up in the bookstore and somehow managed not to buy anything, though I seriously contemplated this:

Then I went to the children’s museum, and my day got even better. Here’s the menu on the wall of the play kitchen.

Do you remember a few months ago when I wrote about how some Syrian refugees moved to Rutland? Well, the mayor got voted out (probably because of it) and now there’s a wildly xenophobic alderman, but at least there’s people in the community still working to welcome these new families. 

I guess I have some hope.


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