Blood and Soil: May 15, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

On Saturday night a bunch of torch-wielding protesters led by white supremacist Richard Spencer (who earlier in the day addressed another crowd with the words, “We will not be replaced from this world. Whites have a future.”) gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia in front of a statue of captain of the losing team, Confederate leader Robert E. Lee. They’re made the city wants to take away their participation trophy. 

Here are some chants heard at this gathering of the modern day Klan:

You will not replace us.

Russia is our friend.

Blood and soil. 

Let’s talk a little bit about these chants. The first is pretty obviously just some white supremacist denial about the demographic shift in this country, chanted by the same people who want to build a wall and make ’em pay.

The second and third expose a both a scary threat (as if number one wasn’t scary enough) and a significant historical ignorance. 

“Blood and soil” is a Nazi rallying cry. Yup, 2017 America and people are openly chanting Nazi catchphrases. Specifically, in this case, the idea that rugged Aryan peasants were to be prized above all else in eugenic policy. My grandfathers both fought Nazis and they are rolling over in their damn graves. 

Two things: 

  1. Let’s talk about who actually worked the land for hundreds of years in rural Virginia. Hint: many of them weren’t white.
  2. I know the geopolitical landscape has changed, but a bunch of Nazis chanting about how they love Russia is pretty ridiculous, considering the Russians kicked their asses in World War 2. Never start a land war in Asia. 

What’s a girl left to conclude? Two things.

  1. Some people in that crowd are totally historically ignorant everyday racists and don’t know what Blood and Soil means.
  2. Some people in that crowd are Nazis using everyday racists to bolster their crowd numbers.

Either way, NAZI SLOGANS ARE BEING OPENLY CHANTED IN 2017 AMERICA. And guess what I haven’t seen? Your condemnation. I googled. I checked your Twitter. Nothing. Is it going to happen soon? You’d think it would have been your priority. 


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