Impeachment Quandary: May 16, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Everyone has seen the headline by now: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador. Some people are just choosing to ignore or dismiss because they’re white and benefit from the continued bolstering of white supremacists by your administration. 

Apparently giving this information is not actually illegal because 45 has the power to declassify. But it is just downright stupid and dangerous, and reminds me we have a president who is more interested in showing off in a dick measuring contest (“HEY, LOOK WHAT I KNOW!”) than actually governing and keeping us safe.

Here I am wondering: when will Trump start spilling about aliens? I want to believe. 

This also makes me wonder about impeachment efforts. Will they ramp up? Is that sealed indictment a real thing

Just in case you thought you’d be rid of me if you become president, the answer is no. I’ll keep writing.

The bigger question is, what if you also get impeached? It seems there’s a solid chance that you’re also involved in this collusion with Russia, so when the house of cards collapses you’re going with it. Mother will be so disappointed, and Marlon Bundo will have to move back to Indiana in shame. 

Do I stop writing? Do I write to the new VP (sure to be equally as awful given the line of succession and the person who would be choosing)? Or do I write to you? You might need some company at such a difficult time.

I hope I have to answer these questions soon.


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