Science!: June 4, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

This morning I had an overtired mess of a child who spent almost an hour refusing to communicate and instead threw himself around the house repeatedly making a high pitched screaming sound. “Do you want to read books?” Scream. “Do you want to go outside?” Scream. “Do you want to play Yahtzee?” Scream.

Well, ok then. 

Until I said “I guess I’m just going to watch some bug videos then.”

For the uninitiated (you) that’s KQED’s Deep Look. Videos about science! G’s favorite, about termites using their own poop as building mortar, got him to calm down and finally stop screeching. 

As we were watching, I was thinking about you. 

My kid is calmed down by two things you hate: public broadcasting and science.

This is confirmation that I’m doing ok as a parent.


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