Drowning: June 5, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Sometimes I read something so heinous, I question my decision to bring a kid onto this Earth.

This morning, scrolling through the Facebook, I came across this article: Far right raises 50,000 Pounds to target refugee rescue mission in Med

Here’s a summary: modern Nazis (because let’s not mince words here with alt-right as a nice sounding euphemism) in Europe have raised money to actually get boats and technology to try and hinder the work of NGOs who are rescuing people (many children) migrating to Europe on flimsy boats traveling across the Mediterranean. These NGOs are trying to save kids from drowning. 

So, in essence, these disgusting excuses for human beings are raising money to drown children because they are not white Europeans.

I can imagine you sitting at your desk thinking, “Ok, but I didn’t contribute money, so how am I to blame?”

Every time you miss the chance to condemn white supremacist Islamophobe alt-right king Steve Bannon’s presence in your administration, you are to blame. Every time you back 45’s Islamophobia, you are to blame. Every time you condemn “PC culture” on college campuses and argue that everyone has the right to speak, even Nazis like Milo, you are to blame. Every time you miss an opportunity to condemn white supremacist terrorism, you are to blame. Every time you support a Muslim travel ban. You are tacitly supporting these terrible people, even if you aren’t explicitly supporting their fundraiser. This monster existed before you took office, but you’ve given it legitimacy. 

To be clear, because it’s worth saying again: kids are drowning. They are drowning. And people are actively trying to interfere with organizations seeking to make them safer. Until you condemn the alt-right in clear terms, disavow yourself of your white supremacist supporters, and renounce the racism and Islamophobia rampant in your administration, you are complicit. 


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