Gut punch: July 25, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I had two moments of heartbreak today. 

First, I went into the break room after work to get some second job work done before I got G, and went to CNN. “PENCE BREAKS TIE” shouted the website. 

Gut punch. I know — it’s just a vote to move forward a debate — but still. The thought of millions of children losing their health insurance kicked me right in the teeth. I sat there and quietly contemplated it for a bit. I just can’t get over how very not pro-life it is.

Later, I watched as G crumpled up page after page of construction paper, disappointed in his artwork. He was trying to draw something special for a friend, something to put in her cubby tomorrow. He told me what was wrong with each one, and he growled at himself with each crumpled paper. In him, I could see my own self-criticism at work in another body. To think that I’ve already passed that on to my kid gave me that same gut punch. 

These things are really only loosely connected, by the feeling I got in each instance. But I can’t help but wondering: have you ever felt that gut punch? I just can’t imagine you have, given your willingness to throw so many kids under the bus.


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