Tweetstorm: July 27, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Wow, what an exciting evening in this household. Editing five college essays and watching C-SPAN. The fun thing is that during votes, I can yell “fuck you!” after the vote of Republican senators are read out loud, and since I live alone no one can accuse me of being mean-spirited.

What a day though, right? And one that made it clear how much influence you’re currently exerting in the White House, given Trumpster’s tweetstorm about trans people in the military. I woke up to read articles that indicated a complete ban on transgender people in the military wasn’t even what conservative groups were asking for — it went steps further.

I don’t really think Donald Trump gives a crap about who serves in the military. I honestly don’t think the actual people in the military cross his mind on a daily basis. He just likes that he’s in charge of a military, no matter who is in the uniforms.

You care, though. A lot. Were you actually holding your hands over Trump’s as he pushed them down on the keys?

Too bad the Joint Chiefs of Staff aren’t prepared to do anything.


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