Down in Flames: August 8, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I read this with great interest just now, especially given yesterday’s ruminations: OPINION: Mike Pence’s 2020 run will go down in flames with Trump’s presidency.

Brain churning. That John Kasich is polling so far ahead of you in New Hampshire seems like a good sign for those of us who would rather have almost anyone but you in the White House, though I’m wondering if New Hampshire is generally less religious and more libertarian than some other Republican areas, and the folks there aren’t super interested in government overreach into private lives based on religious belief. Would you poll better against Kasich in the South? These are all questions I’ll spend far too much time researching when I should be folding laundry or prepping lunches.

Anyway, not all bad news for you today. Perhaps you’ll be pleased to find out that I was ordained this morning, with a great deal of ceremony: I gave the Universal Life Church my name and email address, and paid $29.99 to have ordination documents mailed to me. Now no one can accuse me of being anti-religion. I can perform weddings, damn it! I’m a pastor!





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