White Terrorism: August 13, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I honestly don’t quite know where to start today, but I suppose I could start with a brief list of Republicans who have done a better job of responding to yesterday’s terrorist attack in Charlottesville:

Jeb Bush, a guy who has to ask people to clap for him.

Ted Cruz, a guy who lost a primary election to a dude with no political experience.

Orrin Hatch, who is Orrin Hatch and that’s enough of a problem.

Ivanka Trump, who casually chills out with white supremacists in her dad’s administration on the daily despite having Jewish kids.

I’d go on, but the list would take up too much internet space.

Meanwhile, you and 45 are over here dicking around with language about hate on both sides. Sorry, but if one of those sides is a side full of Nazis, there is, to quote Uncle Joe, “only one side.”

And again, today, like yesterday, all the “can’t believe this is happening in America 2017.” If you can’t believe a racist white dude killed someone, you haven’t been paying attention. How many white guys have to carry out terrorist acts before we’re like “Oh! Maybe this is an issue!” and we finally open that VOWED office I suggested five-and-a-half months ago.

Here’s what terrorism in the United States looks like. This broflake who looks like he took a picture of Richard Spencer to his mom and asked her to “give me a cut like that.” This murderer who looks like he’s about to go golfing in some khakis but is also part of some sort of army of bakers really upset by the rising price of yeast.

Wake the fuck up, white people. This fight against the James Fields of the world is our fight to fight. This is not one where we say “Oh, this is just an extinction burst and it’s gonna go away soon” or “Meh, some other people will do it” or “I have kids so I can’t put myself in the position/don’t have time/worried for my safety.” Because when we do that, what we’re really doing is placing all the burden on the shoulders of people of color, who literally have no choice but to fight against white supremacy each and every day of their lives. Guess what — my friends of color, and my LGBTQ friends, are all worried for their safety too, and many of them don’t have the choice about whether or not they place themselves on the line or in harm’s way.  For some, that happens just by virtue of leaving the house.

And while I know this will fall on ears that are not listening, wake the fuck up, Mr. Pence. History does not judge Nazi sympathizers and fellow travelers kindly. You are on the wrong side of history. In this moment, there is only one side.


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