America First: August 14, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

You tweeted this yesterday:


I gave you a history lesson about this in January, but apparently you need a reminder. I’m going to give you the takeaway first: tweeting about your America First policies isn’t a great idea the day after someone in the United States has been murdered by a Nazi.

Here’s my original entry about America First, written in the aftermath of 45’s inaugural address.

And here’s the important section:

Gerald L.K. Smith founded the America First party during WWII as an isolationist and highly nationalistic organization (SOUND FAMILIAR?). He ran for president as the party’s nominee in 1944 and got fewer votes than Vermin Supreme circa 2016, and Mr. Supreme wears a boot on his head and promised everyone a free pony.  Anyway, good old Gerald was:

  1. A Holocaust denier who lobbied for the release of Nazi war criminals convicted during the Nuremberg Trials.
  2. A racist who wanted to “Fight mongrelization and all attempts being made to force the intermixture of the black and white races.”
  3. Absolutely an awful fucking human being. I’d rather go on a dinner date with Martin Shkreli.

Check out some old issues of his magazine The Cross and The Flag if you need some light bathroom reading.

Let’s review:

A day after a Nazi murdered someone on American soil, you’re using a catchphrase originally used by a guy who denied the Holocaust, lobbied for the release of Nazi war criminals, and thought multiracial kids were “mongrels.” In other words, you’re harkening back to a guy who would have been marching with a torch in Charlottesville and might have driven the car that murdered Heather Heyer.

I don’t think you’re stupid enough to lack this understanding, and I don’t think this is an innocent mistake. This is a deliberate dog whistle to white supremacists. “Yeah, those snowflakes made us apologize and call you guys out, but we didn’t mean it, really. See? America First!”

Just going to be over here, calling you out at every turn.


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