Why are you crying?: August 20, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

My mom friends and I like to play this game called “Why is your kid crying?” Some real life examples from other moms include:

  • Because it’s not snowing.
  • Because I won’t let her have a strawberry sprinkle donut.
  • Because I said no to a fifth consecutive string cheese.
  • Because I won’t play stickers with her while I’m peeing.
  • Because his fingers got pruney in the pool but getting out was not an acceptable solution.

You get the picture. Today, my own kid was crying because he didn’t want to nap, and his hysterics were compounded by the fact that he was EXHAUSTED AND NEEDED A DAMN NAP. Crying because he was too tired but didn’t want to nap. Oh, to be four.

Anyway, later today I was driving home and listening to Gabourey Sidibe’s book This is Just My Face, which you already know I’m listening to since I’m sure you follow me on Twitter. (hiiiiiiii @VP!) There’s a scene in which she meets Barack Obama, and he recognizes her and tells her she’s the bomb. I could actually see in my head the smile he must have had on his face while he said it.

I got so overwhelmed with thinking what an amazing and classy guy we used to have for president, and now we have this racist hack who talks about grabbing women by the pussy, that I started sobbing and had to pull over.

So, why is your blogger crying? Because my, how we have fallen from any sort of grace we might have had.



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