Yesterday: August 26, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

What didn’t your administration do yesterday?

I spent a few hours yesterday in a beautiful backyard watching happy children joyfully run full tilt down a giant hill as their parents awkwardly mingled, ate a variety of quinoa salads, and said things like “Yes, you can have a juice box today, but remember this is a TREAT and we don’t drink them at home!” Or, what I like to call Life in the Pioneer Valley.

Then I got into my car and drove home, (okay, okay, first I drove to Trader Joe’s to get breakfast foods) which is where I checked Twitter, as that is my go-to for a quick summary of all the shitty things that have happened in the hour or two since I’ve looked at all the shitty things that have happened.

Gosh, how to pick the shittiest thing that happened yesterday? Maybe chuck a dart and see where it lands on my post-it. But I rent, and I don’t want to have to spackle and re-paint when we leave.

Or, I could write about the one that has made me angriest, but I don’t think I can choose. It makes me want to scream to think that any administration that claims to “support our troops” would kick folks out of the military because they are transgender. It also makes me want to scream that your administration would pardon a man who ran a jail he termed a “concentration camp” and was found guilty of racially profiling Latinx folks and then found in contempt because he just said “oh well!” and KEPT DOING IT. The first, a nod to the Christian Right. The second, a nod to the white supremacists. Keep solidifying that base of deplorables, yo.

Or, I could write about the one that inspired my mother to use the word “fuck” in an email, but she didn’t specify and I haven’t yet asked. (To be clear, I’ve literally NEVER. EVER. heard my mother say “fuck” and that it was aimed at you dudes means you’re in some trouble.) I have a good idea she might have been referencing everything that happened yesterday, though, so that won’t work.

Or, I could write about the one that most affects my family and friends. Welp. I’ve got transgender friends and Latinx friends and your administration just dehumanized them all in one fell-fucking-swoop so I guess I can’t use that as a criteria either.

So I’m left sitting here drinking my coffee and wondering how history books will someday write about August 25, 2017. The day our President said “Good luck!” to people in the path of a giant hurricane, and then using that hurricane as cover, signed something to forcefully remove willfully serving members of the military because he doesn’t like their identity, and pardoned a guy who once marched Latinx prisoners into a separate prison (read: tent city) area surrounded by an electric fence.

And then left the White House for Camp David.

Spoiler alert: I don’t think the history books will be kind.



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