Harvey: August 28, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Today at lunch I was scrolling through Twitter, as I am clearly wont to do. (I was also eating leftover Kraft mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, because I’m so sleepy I’m past the point of any attempt to make food that can’t go in a microwave.)

Lots and lots about the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. List of shelters, calls for help, prayers. And then this:

I haven’t been able to verify if this is true. I’m not sure if shelters are checking documents to be sure people are in the country legally. That would certainly be heinous if they are, and frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked to find it was actually happening. The empowerment of white supremacists by your administration is real.

But even if it isn’t true, what really matters is that people think it is true. Undocumented folks are so scared, and have such a (rightful) lack of faith in the current people in charge, that they believe that they might be in legal trouble if they try to stay safe in a shelter during a deadly hurricane. And so there’s a chance that in order to avoid what they are perceiving as a risk of detainment and deportation, they’re staying in harm’s way. Maybe with their children.

Because, you know, as Jesus said: For I was hungry and you told me to get a job, I was thirsty and you complained I might spend my money on beer instead of water, I was a stranger and you kicked me the fuck out…



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