Meanwhile, Ann Coulter: September 11, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

This is not directed at you, per se, but rather someone who claimed membership in your basket of deplorables during the election.

Yes, I’m talking about Ann Coulter. Usually I ignore her because she makes me feel dead inside, sort of like a Dementor. But today I saw this retweeted and I just couldn’t.

First, note the disrespect this shows to Carribean islands and their inhabitants completely destroyed by Irma — but we already knew Coulter wouldn’t give a fuck about that because, brown people. I didn’t expect her to be raising money for Barbuda anytime soon.

There’s seven people dead in the U.S., too, and thanks, A.C., for deeming that “boring.”

Here’s some pictures and news of the damage.

For Coulter, a rich white lady, this may indeed be a mere blip on the radar. But for low income families, the damage could be absolutely devastating. 

What a great bunch of people got you elected.


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