Arrests: October 30, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

I saw the news of Manafort’s indictment right before I left for work this morning. We listened to celebratory music in the car.

I’ve got no illusions about this being near the end of this madness, but at least it’s a start.

I was doing some research today into how tied into this you are. I know the answer is “very” given Manafort chose you and you vetted Flynn, and you’ve continued to lie on Trump’s behalf. Bill Moyers agrees with me.

Still, you’re awfully quiet today.

There is a fantasy that suggests that Mike Pence is a mere spectator—and an ignorant one at that—when it comes to the scandals associated with the Trump campaign, the Trump transition and the Trump administration. That has never been true. Pence has often been at or near the center of things. And, as attention turns toward Manafort, it must also turn toward Pence.



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