Planned Parenthood: November 3, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

If you read your Twitter mentions (do you?) you’ll already know I tweeted you yesterday from INSIDE A PLANNED PARENTHOOD. THE HORROR.

Just routine stuff and it was faster and easier to get an appointment there than elsewhere. Plus, I like the idea of supporting them with my healthcare dollars. 

I wondered if there were going to be protesters. There weren’t. I did, however, have to go through a metal detector and have my bag searched to get inside. I had a lovely conversation with the security guard, and older gentleman who told me about his grandchildren when I explained the half a pack of glow sticks in my bag were left over from Halloween with my son.

He said, “I have to search your bag for weapons.” I said, “I’m really sad that you have to do that.” 

I know that you haven’t directly picked up a gun and walked into a Planned Parenthood or threatened an abortion provider with death. Directly.

However — your political rhetoric about abortion does directly relate to an environment in which I need to walk through a metal detector to access health care. And that makes me really, really sad, and also really, really angry.


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