Texas: November 6, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Another weekend, another mass shooting.

It’s hard not to feel numb to it. Even reading today that half the victims were children, I couldn’t quite make myself feel anything.

You & Karen are going to visit.

I bet you’ll do a lot of praying.

Do you know what you call someone who continues to respond in the same ineffective way to similar situations? A fool.

Please don’t tell me “God works in mysterious ways.” Children being mown down by assault rifles is not mysterious. Any God who expects me to accept this as part of his plan is not worthy of my adoration. 

Gosh, how could we stop this? I dunno, maybe common sense gun laws. Maybe we should believe women when they report domestic abuse and dole out real consequences for this abuse. Devin Kelly broke his stepson’s skull and it’s looking more and more like this shooting was part of a domestic dispute as well. What if we took domestic abuse allegations seriously? After all, there’s a clear link between past history of domestic violence and carrying out a mass shooting. 

These seem like two concrete steps.

But, no. Let’s continue to pray and line our pockets with money from the NRA. We can all keep on praying until the next mass shooting, which is likely to happen within the week.

How do you sleep at night?


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