Go Get ‘Em: December 4, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

To quote a nearest-and-dearest, “This isn’t an administration, it’s a horror movie.”

Why yes. Agreed.

Thanks for this one, Reddit.

Ah, yes. Today, the day that our sitting President officially endorsed a man credibly accused by multiple backed-up sources of pedophilia and assault, in a U.S. Senate race. Gee, why don’t women come forward with accusations? Oh, perhaps because they are summarily dismissed in the pursuit of tax reform that screws the poor.

And your  boss said, “Go get ’em, Roy!”

He encouraged a serial pedophile to “go get ’em!”

Perhaps the stupidest thing he’s said in the past few days, except for that time he admitted on Twitter to obstruction of justice, and then his lawyer tried to say a president can’t obstruct justice.

This dude disagrees.

Can the Vice President obstruct justice? Asking for a friend.


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