Gentleman: December 13, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

Well, now. That ended differently than I was expecting.

I suppose the good news is I won’t have to spend money on an anniversary card every year to remind you of the time you swore a child molester into the Senate.

The better news is, of course, that Doug Jones will be joining the Senate. A Democratic senator from the reddest of red states, who ran as pro-choice and won. Maybe it’s actually worth an anniversary card every year, anyway.

This was some good news in a news day that otherwise literally (as I noted yesterday) led me to vomiting.


Ah, yes, you certainly did stand by yesterday, mouth closed, as your boss asserted a female senator had whored herself out for campaign donations, and then the press secretary defended it.

Look, aren’t you supposed to be a good Christian man who treats women well and respects them by refusing to dine with them alone? I mean, yes: I know that what thsi actually means is that you believe women are baby-machine temptresses without bodily autonomy. But there might still be people in the world who believe you to be a gentleman who holds ladies in high regard, and they’re going to start to question that unless you call out your boss on his egregious behavior.

Also, please pass this on to Trump: Gillibrand isn’t new to the ring. She’s been in the ring since January 20th.


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