Sandy Hook: December 15, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,

As you know, I follow you on Twitter.

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, during which twenty first- and second-graders were murdered, along with six adult staff members, and the shooter’s mother.

Sandy Hook

I guess I can’t decide. Am I upset you didn’t mention this on Twitter, but did go on and on about tax reform, or am I appreciating your lack of hypocrisy given your party’s unwillingness to do anything to change gun laws in the wake of a massacre of children?

And your personal willingness, too, given you’re sure as heck in the pocket of the NRA. Here’s you speaking at the NRA-ILA the year after, let’s say it again, twenty children were murdered with a gun.

Yes, maybe it is a good thing you didn’t memorialize Sandy Hook yesterday in your Twitter feed, given God may have struck you down immediately.

I was fairly newly pregnant in December of 2012. I’d just found out the month before, and by December 14th, hadn’t told anyone except my then-husband and the administrative assistant at work who got there before me and was concerned that I’d run into the building and immediately go vomit. I was horrified by the events that occurred that day, and worried about bringing my own child into a world where our  legislators won’t take concrete steps to prevent these events from happening over and over and over again. In the weeks following Sandy Hook, I became certain our country will never effectively address our issue with gun violence. If we didn’t do it after twenty small children were gunned down mid-class, nothing else was going to make it happen.

Now that I have a kid in my life who I love more than anything or anyone else I’ve ever loved, I am even more horrified. I send him to school every day and expect he will be safe there, with his caring teachers and administrators, and all his friends. I’m well aware that the chances of something happening to him are slim, but I also know we are not doing what we could to make those chances even slimmer, and that fills me with rage. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief and rage of the parents of those children pictured above.

I’m not going to rehash statistics here, because they’re easy to find and we all know them; some of us just choose to ignore them. But if you look worldwide, it’s clear gun laws work. Other nations have taken action after similar tragedies, and stemmed the tide of senseless gun violence.

When I think about Sandy Hook, all I can do is picture G in one of those memorial collages.

You have kids in your life who you love, too. How do you not have the same reaction? How did you get up and stand in front of the NRA just the year after and boast about Indiana’s lack of gun restrictions? How are you not fighting to do whatever you can to keep our kids safe?

So, thanks for not memorializing those kids yesterday. You don’t deserve to speak their names.


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