Christmas Gift: December 20, 2017

Dear Mr. VP,


“A historic win for the American people as Senate Republicans voted to deliver working families and job creators a tax cut for Christmas. President Donald Trump kept his promise to deliver a middle-class miracle for millions of hard-working Americans – a great day for the American people!” – Vice President Mike Pence

We’ve all heard stories of the worst Christmas gift ever received.



A vacuum.


Essential oils to cure your pain.


A pair of jeans in an “aspirational size.”


Congratulations, you’ve topped it all and have given me the worst fucking Christmas gift I have ever received. The gift of 1.5 trillion dollars added to the deficit to enrich already rich people, corporations (they’re people, after all), and foreign investors. You’ll all be dead by the time this really needs to clean up, but my generation — and those after — will be left to clean up the mess. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this amazing opportunity to exercise our problem-solving skills.

I sure hope you taped the damn receipt to this gift so I can return it.



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