POTUS Shield: January 8, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

You had a dinner party!

Pences at dinner

In attendance: Frank Amedia, who founded POTUS Shield.

This looks like a really terrible poster for a really terrible science fiction flick starring Kirk Cameron.

The website is an unsurprising jumble of font sizes and word salad, but essentially Amedia believes President Trump has been anointed by God and will once again make America a Christian nation.

He also thinks Trump’s election is paving the way for the Second Coming, or, you know, the apocalypse. He’s on Jim Bakker’s show a lot, while Jim sells giant buckets of prepper food.

fiesta pail
Build a wall, but don’t you dare take away my ability to enjoy Mexican food during the End Times.

I don’t love the idea that you’re chummy with people who are expecting an apocalypse in the near future. It makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, you don’t care much about improving current or future situations on Earth because you think we’re all destined to be eating cheesy nachos and breakfast burritos out of ye olde fiesta pail no matter what we do. Might as well make all the money and destroy the Earth now, whilst stockpiling ammo and pails o’ food.


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