Incineration: January 13, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Today I was playing games…

And baking bread…

What a lovely Saturday!

Meanwhile, people in Hawaii thought they were about to be incinerated.

I have to tell you that had I been in Hawaii, I probably would have thought, “Oh, yup. It finally happened. Our fearless leader led us to the brink.” I may even have checked his Twitter feed from my bunker to see what he’d said to get us to this point. There would be no doubt in my mind that this was real.

Friday morning, I could hear the neighbor’s television. I heard what sounded like an emergency alert, and immediately went to CNN’s website to see if we were going to die. Sometimes, my boyfriend will send texts that just say things like, “holy shit!” And while I’m waiting for him to type the follow up, I’m turning on NPR to see if he’s about to tell me we’ve nuked North Korea (usually it’s something about Magic cards). I live near a military base, and when I hear lots of planes overhead, I launch the news app on my phone to see if we’ve invaded a new country.

I’m not the only person living with this constant low-level fear that a tweet is going to launch a nuke. I feel like we all are. Are you?

In any case, back to reading the instruction manual for the second year of the Trump presidency. Shall I send you a copy?


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