Life: January 18, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Oh my god, vomit.

First, this screenshot has me questioning if you’re a reptilian overlord.

Second, vomit again.


Tell that to the families being separated by deportation.

Tell that to the border patrol agents who sabotage water left out for migrants dying of dehydration in the desert.

Tell that to the moms and dads of color terrified every day to send their children out of the house for fear they won’t come home.

Tell that to kids without healthcare.

Tell that to the families of everyone murdered in Vegas and in Texas.

Tell that to Myeshia Johnson, left a pregnant widow after her 25-year-old serviceman husband La David was killed in Niger. Trump said to her, “I guess you know he knew what he was signing up for…”

Tell that to people who can’t access lifesaving medical interventions because you’ve deemed them problematic.

Tell that to trans people, who attempt suicide at almost ten times the national average, and who you continue to dehumanize.

And tell them again, as 27 known transgender people were killed in 2017.

Tell that to the Earth we’re killing.

Tell that to our president as he threatens nuclear devastation in 140 characters.

LIFE IS WINNING AGAIN IN AMERICA because a man who, by the way, joked on Howard Stern about trying to talk Marla Maples into aborting Tiffany, is going to give a speech?

Hollow words.


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