Shutdown: January 19, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

It seems somehow appropriate that last year at this time I was sitting in my bed, anxiously counting down until January 20th, when you’d become Vice President. Now, I am sitting in my bed anxiously counting down to January 20th, when the government might be shut down. Happy anniversary! Gosh, it’s always something with you guys, huh.

The potentially easy solution here is to agree to protect children who have been living in the United States for essentially their entire lives. One might even argue that this would be an issue of the sanctity of life; some DACA recipients would return to unknown and possibly violent places. You were at the March for Life thing today, right? You purport to care about life?

(Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, but I’m getting the sense that “life” is not the thing you care about. I think what you care about is oppressing anyone with a uterus.)


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