Sleep: January 24, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Here’s an early letter today. I didn’t really sleep at all. I tossed and turned a lot, and churned things over in my brain, but sleeping is not a thing that happened. I am lying in bed next to my sleeping child, and let me tell you: it’s rare to be up before him.

Two things kept me awake. Some life stuff I won’t get into because you don’t care, and your speech to the Knesset. You do many things in this speech, which was really a sermon. You make an attempt to link shared history. You pose us as Israel’s greatest friend, and reassure them of our commitment to bucking world opinion and pushing forward with our embassy move. You note Trump’s plans to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran. And, most strikingly to me, you all but ignore the significant part of the population of Israel that is not Jewish: that’s about 25%. For someone who goes on and on about religious freedom and religious minorities, you sure seem hell-bent on recognition of only the Judeo-Christian variety.

Yes, Israel identifies itself as a Jewish state. But to completely erase a part of the population, while at the same time noting some of them only when you begin to talk about Islamic terrorism, is dangerous. It further signals that we have taken a side, and now we are useless in the peace process.

Arab MPs in the Knesset know this, which is why they protested your speech.

I know why you’re so hyped on Israel: I’ve written about it before. And while some people might not be as worried about it, I disagree.

Having a Vice President so interested in preparing the world for the apocalypse is a good reason to lose precious sleep.


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