Safe Communities: January 30, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Well, the past few days have been a mixed bag, haven’t they.

On the “yay!” side: an unconstitutional ban on abortion didn’t pass the Senate. You were pretty unhappy, which is generally an indication that I am feeling the opposite emotion. People have abortions past twenty weeks because they are in life-or-death situations. Getting between a pregnant person and their doctor while they are navigating severe fetal abnormality or potential life-threatening complications is not pro-life (or small government, for that matter).

On the “yuck!” side: Andrew McCabe was forced out early. Seems to me like Trump wouldn’t mind all these people in the FBI if he was innocent, but hey, what do I know.

Anyway, that brings us to the State of the Union, which I will decidedly not be watching. I don’t feel the need to watch an abuser defend his actions on national television. I’m already well informed. Being gaslit by the President is not on my agenda for the evening.

Instead, I’ll be with G at a gathering of people writing postcards in support of the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act, which will prevent state and local law enforcement from engaging in civil immigration enforcement. In other words, the state and local police can’t detain people solely based on immigration violations. Local sheriffs can’t have their police deputized as ICE agents. It also requires that immigrants be told — in their native language — that they can decline an interview with ICE, and prohibits state support for a Muslim registry.

Why is this important?

  • First and foremost, because putting a law in place that could prevent any number of deportations of nonviolent immigrants makes sense to me as a pro-family policy. Deportation ruins families. The person deported is often sent somewhere they haven’t been in years (if ever in their adult life), with no job and no financial prospects, and sometimes no family there at all. The people left behind are out an income, but also out the stability that comes with having a beloved family member close by. Can you imagine saying goodbye to your kids, possibly forever? Tell me how that fits into your “pro-family” policies, please.
  • But also, and quite obviously, when immigrants are afraid they can be racially profiled and detained by local and state police, they don’t CALL local and state police if they believe them to be needed. Frankly, I want people to be able to call law enforcement if they feel they are needed and not be concerned about being thrown in a cell and torn away from their family. Isn’t that obvious?
  • And clearly because it’s a no-brainer to oppose any sort of federal registry based on one’s religion. Anyone who fought the fascists, or has ever read a legitimate history on World War II, should agree with me here.

Vocalizing support for safe communities is what I’ll be doing instead of watching 45. That feels like a much better choice to me.


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