FBI: February 1, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

This weekend, my dad said something that resonated a great deal with me. To paraphrase: “I can’t believe we’re in a situation where I’m trusting the FBI as the good guys.”

My historical studies in college focused on the history of activist movements in the United States, so as you can imagine I have a healthy skepticism of the FBI (and the CIA) that certainly was not washed away by my love affair with two FBI agents.


In my senior year, as I wrote a thesis, I studied the 1960s: SDS, the Yippies, the Black Panthers. I wrote a whole chapter of a thesis on the Chicago Democratic Convention and the post-convention trial. I am intimately familiar with COINTELPRO and its illegal activities. J. Edgar Hoover feels like a personal enemy.

Maybe Pigasus will consider a run in 2020.

But here we are, 2018, and I’m rooting for the FBI to continue wanting to do their job rather than please your boss.

Please can this national nightmare end.


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