Equal pay: February 10, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

What else to do when you can’t sleep at 3 AM and Facebook actually just targeted you with an ad about becoming a nun? I mean, duh. Write to your pen pal.

Today in: athletes you cheered on at the Opening Ceremony but wouldn’t find much to talk about in real life: the U.S. women’s hockey team.

Before the World Championship, these athletes banded together and threatened to boycott. Because they weren’t paid AT ALL in non-Olympics years and were paid $6,000 in years leading up to the Olympics. They also had fewer benefits than the men’s team: no disability insurance, no money spent on a team development program. They flew coach and shared rooms while the men flew business class and were allowed guests in their separate hotel rooms.

The women ended their boycott when they agreed to salaries of approximately $70,000/year and bonuses if they achieve medals.

No one will be shocked to find out you voted against equal pay for women three times. You don’t even really think women should be working outside the home — why pay them equally and encourage them to work? We should all know our places: stay home and make babies.

So while you apparently refused to stand and clap for the unified Korean team (isn’t reunification what we should WANT?) there are plenty of reasons you should have ignored the US delegation too, if you’re really sticking to your morals. Ornery women fighting for equal pay! Gay men! Diversity! Trump critics! It’s like your own vision of hell.

AND the Russians couldn’t even COMPETE. Because of sanctions against the team! Damn, dude. Tell me again why you’re there?


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