February 15, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Ah yes, another day in America of shipping my kid off to school and wondering if he’ll get shot. Truly, we are so blessed.

Of course we can’t blame access to AR-15s, so instead we’ll talk about mental health for a bit, and then it’ll die down, and then next week some more kids will get shot, and then it’ll die down, and then the NRA will make some more campaign donations, and then…well, you know.

Here’s the other thing that will mostly get disregarded: this kid was a white supremacist, who hung out with other white supremacists, and found your political base to be a comfortable place for a white supremacist. Gosh, too bad for your narrative that he’s not an immigrant or a Muslim, or preferably both. I bet your hearts leaped when you saw his last name was Cruz — if only he was a DREAMer! — and then crashed down again when you figured out, nah, just a racist with a MAGA hat.

Thanks for doing literally nothing to keep my kid safe.


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