Deplorable: February 18, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Because I really like torturing myself with too much knowledge of awful things, I just finished reading Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, by David Neiwert. The next book I need to pick up needs to something that is only about sunshine and rainbows.

This happened awhile ago, but it struck me.

“On CNN with Wolf Blitzer, vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence did say of David Duke, that “we don’t want his support and we don’t want the support of people who think like him,” but still declined to say Duke might be somebody he’d call “deplorable,” saying, “No, I’m not in the name-calling business, Wolf. You know me better than that.”

Let me tell you. I’m all about they go low, you go high. But.

Deplorable, according to Merriam-Webster: deserving censure or contempt.

David Duke is a white supremacist who led the Klan and denies the Holocaust. Repeat after me: David Duke deserves our censure and contempt. David Duke is deplorable. If anyone in modern America is deplorable, it is David Duke.

If you can’t even call David Duke deplorable…who is? Who is deserving of your censure?


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