Redwoods: March 7, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Last night as I was putting G to bed, he started singing This Land is Your Land. Which, of course, warmed my Red heart, and also gave me a chance to be sure he knew the anti-private property verse, because we gotta indoctrinate ’em early.

Anyway, he asked me what a redwood is.

Well, hey! I have an entire series of pictures of the redwoods, back from a road trip I took after college.

Not shown above, but featured in many of those pictures, is the woman I dated for seven years, during college and after.

“Mommy, who is that?”

And I paused! I actually paused. I actually thought, “Oh, is this too complicated?” This is a kid I have conversations about menstruation with at least once a month; his dad talks to him about theoretical physics. We’d just finished a discussion about the ethics of private property. There is not much that has been deemed too complex to discuss with him. This is not too complicated.

“Oh, that’s *insert name.* She was my girlfriend in college.”

“You’re both beautiful! Why were you driving?”

“We drove across the country. She was my very best friend for a long time.”


“Because I loved her very much.”

And that was it, because the fact that his mom may have loved a girl at some point wasn’t even worth a follow up question, it just was. It was not complicated at all.

Our kids are born not caring who people love. If only you weren’t hell bent on teaching them they’re wrong.



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