Local matter: March 28, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

I’m struck by these two headlines so close together.

“White House calls Alton Sterling shooting a ‘local matter'” right below the news that someone wants to pardon two white guys.

Alton Sterling was shot six times while he was pinned to the ground. (Dylann Roof killed 9 people and got taken out for fast food.) 43 black people have been shot and killed by the police so far in 2018. We’re not even four months in. Police murdering Black people is not a local matter. It’s a national epidemic.

Meanwhile, while Dylann Roof got Burger King and Nicolas Cruz is still alive too, two other white guys who are charged with things like “conspiracy against the United States” and “lying to the FBI” are in line for presidential pardons, because that’s our country these days. White people: Conspire with a foreign power, go free. White people: Kill nine Black people, eat a Whopper. Black people: Lie on the ground pinned by a cop, get shot in the back.

“Local matter.”


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