Higbie: March 30, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

First, I should thank Twitter for today’s blog topic.

Carl Higbie.

Carl Higbie looks a bit like Kris Kobach, if Kobach slept less and didn’t spend as much on his haircut. He’s also an asshole.

carl higbie

Carl Higbie:  “I was called an Islamophobe and I was like: ‘No, no, no, no, no, I’m not afraid of them. I don’t like them. Big difference.’ And they were like, ‘Well, you’re racist.’ I was like, ‘Fine, if that’s the definition of it, then I guess I am.’”

Carl Higbie: “Go back to your Muslim shithole, and go crap in your hands, and bang little boys on Thursday nights.”

Carl Higbie: There’s a precedent for a Muslim registry because “We’ve done it based on race, we’ve done it based on religion, we’ve done it based on region…”

Carl Higbie: “You know, I don’t like gay people. I just don’t.”

Carl Higbie: People who get government assistance during an election cycle should “not get to vote at the subsequent election.”

Carl Higbie: Most vets with PTSD are “either milking something for a little extra money in disability or they’re just, they honestly are just lying.”

Carl Higbie: Said African-Americans have lax morality and  people “are tired of supporting government checks going to these people who think that breeding is a form of employment.”

Carl Higbie: David Hogg is “…a pretentious little turd that advocates for the removal of peoples [sic] rights.”

Carl Higbie: (This question is a poll on his Twitter account.) Do you think CNN should be removed from airports?

That’s hatred of Muslims, gay people, poor people, African-Americans, children who survived school shootings, the free press, veterans, and correct apostrophe usage. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check. So of course he was a Trump appointee to a federal agency that funds Americorps. (He resigned when some of these comments surfaced.)

But you guys don’t stay down for long. Much like a hated governor who may not have won another term but somehow became Vice President, Higbie rose from the ashes to become the Director of Advocacy for America First Policies, a Trump-supporting non-profit that says it works for things like “securing our border” and “choice in education.” (Or in other words, “xenophobia” and “gutting public education.”)

Is there a better guy to share a stage with?

Pence AFP

You say, “No! I would love to share a stage with a guy who hates almost everyone and doesn’t understand the concept of the plural possessive!”

The company you keep, right?


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