Distraction: April 14, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

As you can imagine, Friday’s sense of dread escalated significantly as we bombed Syria.

Trump is good at sounding righteously indignant:

The evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children, thrashing in pain and gasping for air. These are not the actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead.

But I don’t buy it.

If Trump cared about Syrian children, why did he close our doors to them as this was happening:

He doesn’t even care about the American children he’s supposedly leading in his own country. If he did, the slaughter of black boys by police wouldn’t be a “local matter.” Flint would have clean water. He wouldn’t be salivating to strip health insurance from more than four million children, leaving their families to choose between affordability and life.

I agree: Assad is a monster. But Trump doesn’t care about Syrian children, or our children, or children anywhere. Trump cares about distracting us from his extramarital affair.


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