Wolf: April 29, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Do you know what was not tough to watch? Michelle Wolf’s roast at the Correspondent’s Dinner.

This is amazing. Amazing.

Yes, it’s vulgar. Yes, she goes after you (and frankly you get off pretty easy). But when you remember that she’s standing in front of some of the mouthpieces of fascism and has the guts to call them out on it, you have to give her credit. (Well, maybe you don’t, but I do.) This is one of the best pieces of resistance comedy I’ve ever seen. Wolf knows she’s there to be funny, but in the end she’s deadly serious.

Yup. In just a few seconds there, Wolf did what most mainstream media has been afraid to do consistently and with great force: point out his ties to white nationalists and point out that he might, indeed, jeopardize the existence of our republic.

So for that, and for making me spit out my coffee when I first watched this this morning and she joked about you drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, I call Michelle Wolf my hero of the weekend.

Sorry if your feelings were hurt. My feelings are hurt every damn day when I wake up and remember who lives in the White House.


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